Best travel clothes to wear for travel or vacation

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Traveling in tight jeans or pants is the worst – especially if you have a long journey or flight ahead of you. But contrary to popular belief, it’s actually quite possible to be comfortable with both And Travel time is beautiful (although airport clothing that is often advertised would have you believe otherwise!).

The ultimate solution to ditching your denim in favor of something more comfortable and packable? A dress, of course. We’re no strangers to appreciating the versatility of a great dress — from midi dresses to maxi dresses and beyond, we here at POPSUGAR truly love them. When it comes to travel, though, style often seems criminally underrated — which is why we’re more than happy to make a case for it now.

There are tons of clothing options that are light and floaty so you can relax on a plane or on a long road trip—while still looking effortlessly put together and cute. And to help you in your search for the perfect travel outfit, we’ve selected some of the very best options that are easy to pack, wrinkle-free, comfortable and incredibly stylish in any season. Shop through these genius picks and get yourself one before your next vacation. Consider it a smart investment.

– Additional reporting by Macy Williams

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