Best Summer Street Style Inspiration for 2022

Finding out what summer clothes to wear can be harder than you think. Over the last few years, summer style has not really included much thought about “real” clothes. Most people wear their favorite sweatshirt and loungewear in heavy rotation.

Now that events are happening again and travel plans are on the horizon, we’re looking for some of our favorite street style outfits for summer fashion inspiration that need to flow with our ideas.

Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

Many trends are now embedded in the center stage in the latest revival of nostalgic fashion. Take, for example, a pair of sneakers with a ’90s-inspired slip dress or a simple pair of low-rise jeans and a colorful platform with a 2000s graphic T-shirt. Summer is an ideal season to experiment with classic high-low pairs. Style the designer staples – like a huge midi skirt – with more casual pieces, whether it’s a small tank top or a minimalist blouse.

The best plus-size summer dress

Looking for a plus-size summer outfit but don’t know where to start? A seasonal outfit that works for all occasions is a denim dress with long socks and loafers. Or you can add a classic white button-up in a striped skirt, with chunky bangles and neutral espadrilles on top.

Up front, the POPSUGAR fashion team has created a list of stylish summer clothing ideas that will keep you up to date with #OOTD Inspo for a few days. Think of bold prints and festive colors, retro effects, and airy silhouettes and fabrics (hello, linen and silk!). All of these pieces are relatively straightforward to try for yourself – yes, even if you’re still coming back to the whole idea of ​​getting dressed. Read on to start your summer outfit with 100 outfit ideas.

– Additional report by Nikita Charuja

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