Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Curvy Women | 2022 Guide

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Tell us, is there anything better than decorating? Ok wait. Halloween is basically the biggest themed party of the year, and picking the perfect costume is all you need to complete your night. From classic and cute outfits (read: anything Disney) to hot and trendy (hello, 2022 pop culture trends), there’s nothing sweeter than winning a best-dressed contest and winning by a mile. Especially as a full grown adult who celebrates Halloween, winning best costume feels extra special.

Look your best this year as you shop our curated selection of plus-size costumes and get ready to make it a night to remember this Halloween. Whether you want to dress to impress or pull out your outfit before the big night, these ideas will help you do that and more. From princess-inspired outfits to movie characters like Winifred Sanderson from “Hocus Pocus” and even a classic witch outfit, there’s bound to be an outfit that will make you feel like the best-dressed character in the house. (Because you will be, after all.) Happy huntings from Curvy Dress of the Year!

Additional reporting by Celia Fernandez and Lauren Loser

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