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If you prefer a full-coverage swimsuit, it’s easy to assume that you’re gaining popularity every day with a plethora of minority, thong and chiki bikini bottoms. However, if you prefer a little more coverage on the back, there are still plenty of options, and now, the styles are more creative than ever. Boy shorts, surf suits and even swimsuits now exist, ensuring you can get the coverage of your choice while feeling beautiful on the beach. Also, a full-coverage bikini bottom or one-piece is a timeless swimming head and something that everyone can use in their bathroom.

These 17 full-coverage swimming styles were created for all kinds of summer activities. Whether you want to get a little sunshine, scatter around in the waves, or can’t wait to spend the day at a pool party with friends, these swimwear can make you spend the whole day. These are comfortable, simple in style, and flattering. Also, anyone who says full-coverage swimwear can’t be sexy has obviously not seen these picks. Get ready for summer with a new suit and thank us later for this fun look.

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