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My idea of ​​perfect happiness is a beach vacation. Give me a sunny day, a good book and an iced tea and I am a happy girl. I have friends who love active travel and want to see everything, but if I’m honest, when I’m on vacation, I want to relax and for me, it’s to be on the beach. I packed a huge suitcase packed on the edge with all the fun, sexy outfits I thought I would wear, and without fail, every time I wore the same four bikinis and coverups. All the costume changes and leisure looks, obviously, were just a waste of space and so a few years ago, I set out to prove that I could just pack for a weekend beach vacation in a carry-on. Now that I have some experience in doing this, I am going to share my tips and tricks

I would say that this type of packing is usually only possible for a beach vacation, where clothes are inherently compact. No need for coats or boots, and really, minimal shoes. I like to go with one or two pairs of sneakers, usually a workout sneaker and an everyday sneaker, but if you find one that fits both, and plus, you will wear a pair on the plane. Then it’s a pair of water shoes, such as a Birkenstock or flip flop, and one to two pairs of beautiful sandals. I’ll take a neutral flat pair and go out for the night with a block heel or wedge I’m not into the idea of ​​sandy strappy stilettos on shoe streets, or worse. If you want to pack light but efficiently for a beach holiday, keep reading my pick shopping!

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