All the celebrities at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2022 show

With bowl-cut mullet hairstyles and bleached eyebrows, Hadid’s sister and Kendall Jenner Mark Jacobs Fall were almost unrecognizable on the 2022 runway, where they catwalked on a large, distorted silhouette and sky-high white Mary Janes platform. Jenner wore a blue wire-knit sweater and another matching sweater tied around her waist, a white button-down shirt and a white vinyl skirt. Gigi Hadid had the same look, although she wore a ribbed knitted sweater in a striking shade of pink with a gray vinyl skirt. Mark Jacobs ’tendency to level up volume and unexpected pieces together was in play here – Bella Hadide also took shape, wearing a huge black-and-white sleeveless ballgown with a bulbs waist and a flare.

We share our choices in a world that is hostile but not impenetrable in the face of ongoing barbarism and ugliness.

The collection is a matrix-style midi dress opened in blue vinyl, then wrapped in a uniform trio of gray, green and lavender that looks like a hospital scrub. Could this be a reference to the Supreme Court’s recent reversal of Rowe vs. Wade? Probably. Fashion, for Mark Jacobs, always reflects the time we live in. “We share our preferences in a world of ongoing barbarism and ugliness as opposed to ongoing barbarism and ugliness is not our heated but impenetrable wall,” the designer quoted Nietzsche in the show note. The following shows the theme of exploring comfort through the shape of an oversized sweater; Victorian-era dressing through huge ball gowns; And a contemporary dress code using denim and a suitable silhouette.

The event, held at the New York Public Library on Monday, June 26, brought together a star-studded crowd including superstar models, Christine Quinn, June Ambrose, Emily Ratajkowski and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintur. Quinn wore a look from the Fall 2021 collection: a band top with matching characters from Mark Jacobs and matching leggings. Ambrose opted for a caftan-style midi dress under a black blazer. Ratajkowski chose a sensual slip dress in a multi-colored psychedelic print and came after a floral maxi dress from Wintu.

Ahead, see who took part in Mark Jacobs ’2022 Runway Show and take a closer look at the most notable looks in the collection.

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