Alicent’s green dress in ‘House of the Dragon’ has meaning

Image Source: HBO
The critically-acclaimed extended universe and prequel show to “Game of Thrones,” “House of the Dragon,” premiered in the middle of the season, and last night’s episode was jam-packed. In the hour-long episode, fans witness bubbling romance, betrayal, a royal wedding, blood, murder and the green dress that launched a thousand ships.

In particular, viewers are learning how the pre-“Game of Thrones” Westeros canon used the power of the costume to further their agenda. We saw Cersei and her short cuts and dark gowns hinting at vengeance; With Daenerys and her transition from an innocent white dress to robes and gowns fit for a king; And now, in episode five, the queen of Westeros, Alicent Hightower, is taking center stage. Hours late, she entered the great hall to celebrate Rahenira and Lenore’s wedding in an elaborate, green jacquard gown with gold appliqué. Fans are gradually seeing her character come into her own, especially through her clothing, but this instance is more nuanced.

The dress was not only beautiful and appropriate for the royal union, but it was also quite symbolic. Alicent married into House Targaryen, whose colors are black and red. A dress in that color vein would have been appropriate as a representative of that house. According to Comic Book’s Charlie Ridgely, her choice of green dress is “an act of contempt on Alicent’s part”.

There is a scene where the two lords discuss the symbolism behind the Queen’s entrance and green gown. Apparently, the colors of the flames atop the High Tower, Alicent’s home, change depending on the particular instance. “Green signifies the call to their banner, which usually means going to war,” Ridgely explains. Perhaps his clothing is a foreshadowing that war, or at least conflict, may be on the horizon.

In the upcoming episodes, as we move ten years into the future and watch our main characters grow up and see the dynamic change, will this one green robe significantly affect the course of the great houses of Westeros? Only time will tell.

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