After a crystal bathrobe to promote Cardi B “Hot Show * T”

New York, New York - May 02: Cardi B participates in the 2022 Met Gala Celebrating

Cardi B is serving Aishwarya for breakfast in her latest Instagram post. In a move to promote her new single “Hot Shot”, which is set to be released this Friday, Grammy Award-winning rapper Playboy recorded himself singing on a rooftop in a crystal-decorated bathrobe in front of Dinner. In true Cardi B fashion, her dress and head towel were custom made by Vincent Michael, the crystal artist at Disco Daddy Studios, and her entire gleaming look was styled by Colin Carter.

Celebrity friends quickly commented on the star’s video, including Lizo, who wrote, “F * cking beautiful”, and Normani, who left several heart emojis at the bottom of the post. “Hot Show * will be Cardi’s first single in over a year and will feature Yeah (formerly Connie West) and Lil Dark. Although Cardi has been busy this past year, becoming a mother of two and featured in Summer Walker and SZA’s “No Love” remix, she said the epidemic must have stuck to her own music projects.

“Last year, I was, this year I have to release my album. But, then I stopped working on my album somewhere because I think the whole COVID thing discouraged me from releasing my album,” he told XXL in 2021. In April of the year. Regarding making a second album, she shared in an Instagram video in December, “A lot of effort has been put into balancing the life of my new mother * King.” Four years after his first studio album, “Invasion of Privacy,” Cardi seems to be back, and we can’t wait to hear the music and appreciate the look he has for us.

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