2022 Best Wedding Guest Dresses for Petites

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If you’re on the shorter side, it’s no secret to buy perfect Dressing for an event can be tricky. You want it to look good, feel comfortable and, most importantly, fit right. Often, going smaller can mean extra trips to the tailor when you finally find the one you can’t live without. Or you can shop at a retailer that also offers smaller sizes; A ton of our favorite brands and retailers now Finally Produce more and more petite sizes, so you don’t have to waste more time and money to get the ideal length. If you’re attending a wedding this fall, we’re here to help you find the best short wedding guest dresses that will fit any occasion perfectly!

We’ve done your dream dress shopping and found 11 stunning picks that are just the right length. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor affair, we’ve found the best short wedding guest dresses for every type of celebration. The best part: They’re all versatile, making them investment pieces you can wear again and again — and even beyond wedding season. Ahead, you’ll find our favorites from brands like Banana Republic, Ethnic, Old Navy and ASOS, among others, starting at $48. Keep reading to check them out and find your perfect match for your next fall wedding.

— Additional reporting by Krista Jones

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