11 Unconventional Wedding Dresses for the Bride | 2022

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This year has been one of the busiest wedding seasons in recent memory – and after years of pandemic restrictions and cancellations, it’s not hard to see why. While many couples celebrate their wedding day with lavish, opulent celebrations, others may prefer a more low-key ceremony — with a lighter budget, smaller venue and more intimate audience. We certainly see the appeal! And contrary to popular belief, it’s actually quite possible to forego the need for a spectacular wedding except You also have to sacrifice looking fashionable — that is, if you know where to shop, of course.

Fortunately for you, we do (we is shopping experts, after all) and as a result, we know that there are many ways to be an on-trend bride while maintaining a simple look. Whether you’re having a courthouse wedding or just a messy affair, these modern-day looks make it easy to step away from traditional gowns — opting instead for more relaxed styles like jumpsuits, trouser pants, white lace pieces, muted bridal dresses, and more. And the best part: these picks can even be re-worn long after your wedding is over (we love a timeless piece!) Ahead, we’ve rounded up a selection of the chicest wedding dresses for any unconventional bride to wear on her big day and beyond. Please shop our picks ahead!

— Additional reporting by Christa Jones

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